Monthly Craft and Painting Kits with Tea

The Craft and Tea Box is a monthly delivery of craft and tea goodies that are always unique and exciting!

Every month our team of crafts and tea lovers create a new theme packed with new crafts and refreshing teas for your enjoyment! Every month is different so you get to try whole new experiences.

Our Previous Box Contents

Indulge in our Exclusive Midnight Mist Tea

A hauntingly aromatic concoction that will surely enchant your taste buds. Savor the richness of full-bodied Ceylon and Assam teas, harmoniously infused with whole crushed cardamom, cinnamon, and clove. Every sip of this potion promises a bold, spiced cup that's perfect when served strong with a splash of hot milk and a dollop of honey.

Craft the Spooky Shadow Box Kit

This shadowbox kit includes all the eerie essentials: silhouettes of pumpkins, spiderwebs, and a rustic graveyard. Just assemble, paint and let the spooky vibes decorate your space!

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